Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Funniest Hoff ever...

I know some people pathologically despise The Hoff, but I just had to post this one.... *grin*


Spotted in traffic...

Sitting in traffic for hours every day sure does give the mind time to wander a little. So I was sitting, and wandering the other day, what's with all these people who have dreamcatchers hanging from their rear-view mirrors? Surely they're not sleeping in their cars, and thus have no use for them there? Or perhaps they just have them 'cause it's cool to be 'spiritual' and don't realise that, to anyone who knows how dreamcatchers actually work, they look like prats.

Ah well, the common denominator really is common it seems! ;-)


Thursday, August 11, 2005

Can you credit it!

I was vastly amused and more than a little horified this morning when, while innocently making myself a cup of coffee, I spotted this sign next to the fax machine (which is next to the coffee trolley): Please do not put paper with wet tippex on it through the fax machine as it damages the workings.

The fact that anyone would put wet tippex through a fax is sad, that enough people do it to warrant a sign being posted is truly mind-boggling!


Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Hee, hee, hee

You gotta love this! ;-)

Yeah, I know - funny pics are no substitute for a coherent post - but hey - I'm outta time as ever!

Been invited to the Annual Nelson Mandela Lecture at the Civic Theatre tonight. No less than Madiba himself, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and ex-US president Bill Clinton will be there. Speaking tonight is Nobel Prize winner Professor Wangari Maathai. It should be really good and I'll try post a report-back tomorrow.

Have a good one!


Monday, July 18, 2005

I feel so exposed!

Reading the latest issue of Around the Web ( today, I decided to follow the Ed’s advice and surf over to

Basically, the site gives you a very ‘in your face’ demonstration of exactly how much information you give out whilst idling round the Web. The site lists, amongst other things, your IP address, host, connection type, operating system, browser, browser compatibility, and so on. Under the Java/ActiveX information section, the site told me my screen size, depth, time-zone (and location) as well as listing the plug-ins I have installed.

While this may not come as much of a surprise to the more technically minded of you, I found it quite horrifying. I’d guess anyone wanting to demonstrate the dangers of the online world to ignorant end-users, be they parents/siblings or corporate users, may find this site quite a useful tool, depending on the base level of knowledge of the target audience, of course.

Aside from giving you a bit of a fright, as it were, IPBrowser also provides detailed information on what you can do to remedy the situation, which is always useful.

Any other cool tools or frightening sites I should be checking out? Let me know...


Thursday, July 14, 2005

Being open...

I was pleased, today, to receive the following media release from the Go Open Campaign, which aims to promote widespread open source use in South Africa.

*Open Source TV Series Now Freely Available for Download*

Go Open Source has announced the release of the Go_Open television series for free download on the Internet. The series, hosted by John Vlismas and recently screened on SABC TV, is the first television show in the world to focus wholly on open source and can now be obtained freely and legally by anyone wishing to see it.

“We wanted to create a clearly distributable version of the show,” explains Thomas Black, project manager at the Go Open Source campaign, “because the whole aim of Go Open Source, and of the TV show, is to proliferate the open source message. What better way to achieve this than by making this ground-breaking and entertaining show available for free download?”

The broadcasts have been highly compressed and optimised for download purposes, using the mp4 format. “We used an open source codec in compressing the shows,” says Black, “because it displays the power of open source to produce standards driven software. Thanks to the use of this codec, the show will play perfectly on Windows, Linux and Apple Macintosh systems.”

Another open source tool is utilised for the actual distribution of the show. “Downloads are activated using Bittorrent technology,” continues Black. “Bittorrent is essentially peer-to-peer software that collects parts of files from sources all over the Internet and assembles the final download. This is the fastest and most community driven form of file delivery in existence.

“The show has been split into two torrents; one containing episodes one to six and the other with episodes seven to thirteen,” says Black. “Each file is around 600 megabytes in size, a perfect size to be cut onto CD, but it is also possible to download individual episodes.”

The show has been released using the revolutionary Creative Commons license. “The Creative Commons license we've chosen for the purposes of the show states that no derivatives can be produced from the shows and that they can not be used for commercial gain. They are, however, freely distributable in their original form, but attribution needs to be maintained to the Go Open Source campaign,” adds Black. Any profits generated via use of the show will go back into the Go Open Source campaign to be used for the proliferation of open source,” Black concludes.

International syndications of this one-of-a-kind show are under discussion, but for now the focus is on providing it primarily via download to the online community. For more information on Go_Open, or to obtain torrents of the show, visit

Why do I think this is cool? Because the show could easily be used in other developing countries to show that propreitary (sp?) isn't the only option...

And now - I'm allegedly on deadline so best I get back to work!


Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Week from the aforementioned

Arrgh - don't you just love it when you're having one of those weeks? You know - where the entire universe is determined to pick fights with you, piss you off, get on your nerves and generally have you reaching for the valium?

What's even worse - this is my third week like this in a row! And while I may be, erm, difficult, and occassionally highly irritable, I'm, for once, trying not to pick fights with anyone, and now they're all starting with me!

Beyond the obvious mood-changing substances (beer, pizza and chocolate, of course), I find this site to be particularly useful - poor thing's been much abused lately!

Roll on Friday!


Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Where I'm going...

This, according to my journalists and all those nasty PR's I have to deal with, is most definitely where I'm going one day:

Yup - Hell. Looks like a real friendly place too ;-)

There's another version here for those of you who'd prefer to have choice of afterlife...

Speaking of which, pics of Paris (where I spent some of last week) will be posted soon...

happy Tuesday!


(Thanks to Ivo and Gary on Hivemind for the links ;-))